Hi guys, this is not going to be a very positive post, unfortunately. First bad news – WU is discontinuing the free API keys. You guys know I´ve always been quite negative towards WU, and I knew why… the deal is – you now send them data, which they then sell to others, starting from … Read moreInfo

WU Down

Hi guys, I keep getting emails from people their station is offline. This has one common element – WU. Some of you might know this already, but WU has been having serious issues again for the past few days, the XML feed being mostly unavailable. The only solution I can recommend is completely abandon WU, … Read moreWU Down


Hi guys, the demo is working again. I created a script which uses a combination of my past data, current data from local METAR and creates some reasonable random number which is used when the station is detected as offline. Time will tell how this works especially during the winter, when it is usually wet/cold … Read moreDEMO

WU down

Hi guys, surprise…. WU XML feeds are not working. This affects several blocks and plugins and most importantly, if you are using WU as the source of database updates, your station will now show as offline because WU is not providing any data for the template to load. As to when this is going to … Read moreWU down

NetAtmo – Server Down

Hi guys, I have received some emails asking me about NetAtmo updates not working. Doing some checking I found it is no longer working, but could not find why. After some googling it turns out the whole NetAtmo API is down for all, not just Meteotemplate. All we can do is hope it will … Read moreNetAtmo – Server Down

Meteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Problem checking

Hi guys, another new feature in version 15 is a problem checking page. This script basically checks many of your template settings and lets you know whenever there is a problem with any of your settings. To view this script, simply go to your Control Panel and you will find it at the bottom right … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Problem checking

Meteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Hi guys, probably the major new feature about version 15 is something many of you asked so many times – logging of the extra sensor data. This was absolutely impossible previously, it only became potentially possible with the introduction of unified API, but only in v14 the API was finally available to all. I had … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Meteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Station Status

Hi guys, another new feature is the optional station status displayed in the footer. This can now be optionally enabled (disabled by default) in the Main settings. The way this works is that the footer checks directly the content of the current conditions file (meteotemplateLive.txt) and checks the timestamp in that file. The actual threshold … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Station Status