New Language – Croatian

Hi guys, Meteotemplate is now also available in Croatian. The new language will be included in the next template version by default, but you can already download the language file now and just insert it into your “langs” directory to make it available. Big thanks goes to Robert for providing the translation! Meteotemplate is now … Read moreNew Language – Croatian

New Stand-alone Script – Stickers for Weather Underground

Hi guys, based on the Stickers plugin for Meteotemplate I have created another stand-alone script, like the other ones for Weather Display and Cumulus. In this case all you need is to provide your WU ID and a few details about what units and location you want to use and you are ready to go. … Read moreNew Stand-alone Script – Stickers for Weather Underground

Plugin Update – City Conditions 2.4

Hi guys, I updated the City Conditions plugin. Changes: removed pressure values (Yahoo has been reporting nonsense since March so there is no point in waiting any longer) CSS tweaks improved caching mechanism standardization Please update your menu.php as well, landing page is now index.php. Also note, it can sometimes take quite long for the … Read morePlugin Update – City Conditions 2.4

Plugin Update – Deviations 2.0

Hi guys, I have updated the Deviations plugin. Some graphs (heatmaps) were not working and I also optimized the block, fixed some minor issues and made it load much faster. Changes: added dew point, apparent temperature and solar radiation code optimization fixed unit formatting bug fixes – heatmaps, proper headings etc. changed to CDN source … Read morePlugin Update – Deviations 2.0