Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Hi guys,

the gradual evolution of the template continues – yes, evolution, not revolution this time. This new version fixes many minor bugs, but also introduces one major new feature and a few nice little extras. Also the process of updating the template is now different so make sure you read this post very carefully. Introducing Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant.


  • main new feature in version 15 is the possibility to save any of the API supported parameters to the database. In the Control Panel you will now see a new link to “Extra sensors”. On this page you can select any of the parameters that you have available in your API file (indoor temperature/humidity, soil temperature, leaf wetness, soil moisture, pollution, UV, sunshine, lightning, leaf temperature, extra temperature/humidity sensors etc.). This script will create a new table in your database alongside the alldata table, called alldataExtra. As soon as you select what extra sensors you want to log, the API update script will automatically start saving the data to the database, just like with the other parameters (temperature, humidity etc.). And this of course includes a new import script, which you can use to import history data from a text file.
  • higher security – in the Main settings you can now limit admin logins to particular IP(s) or IP range(s).
  • new “currantcolor theme
  • new fonts available (Rubik, Lato, Railway)
  • interactive table now allows exporting also wind direction and rain rate
  • possibility to use subtitles in menu (see updated wiki)
  • logout link in menu admin tab
  • possibility to add station status (online/offline) in footer
  • new problem checking page (in Control Panel) will check for common problems in template setup
  • added Catalanian flag
  • new update mechanism – update is now done automatically! No more copy/pasting, backing up etc, just open a page and if your template is correctly set up, the template will be updated to version 15 in a matter of milliseconds 🙂


  • improved astronomy calculations – now works for high latitudes as well
  • improved import data handling
  • nicely rounded times resulting from database reformatting
  • new date/time formats in setup page (especially for U.S. users)
  • better SEO and title for custom pages
  • optimized unit conversion
  • updated global Windy map (now loads faster, improved forecast)
  • better sub-/superscript handling

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a bug where solar radiation did not load on the seasons page
  • fixed a problem with potential saving of previous day´s rain to the next day when update interval is very short
  • fixed a bug in import file for solar radiation data import
  • fallback for importing data with/without leading zeros
  • fixed a problem with loading extremes in yearly report
  • fixed a bug with next day button in mobile version daily report
  • fixed year order in climate graph
  • fixed astronomical/meteorological season selection in footer
  • fixed error in browser console when clicking menu tabs
  • fixed solar radiation units and rounding in live data page
  • fixed yearly sunrise/sunset graph
  • fixed rain aggregation problem in interactive graph


Update Instructions

As mentioned above, the update process is now different – you no longer have to replace files via FTP, do backups etc. This is now all done automatically and if everything goes ok (i.e. if you have correctly installed version 14.x and right permissions), the update process will take about 1-2 seconds 🙂

In the future all template updates will be done this way so hopefully it works ok for you. In case not, just do the update manually as instructed on the update page you will use.

  1. Download the update package 14->15 from the Downloads page
  2. Extract the package and inside you will find a folder update_15
  3. Use an FTP client to transfer update_15 into your update folder in the template
  4. Go to your website and login as admin
  5. Now you will do the actual update by opening the following page (making sure the update_15 folder is in the update folder):….templateRoot/update/update_15/updateTemplate.php


  6. This script will first check several things (make sure it is placed in correct location, make sure you are using version 14.x and check you are logged in as admin). It will then automatically create a v14Backup folder in your backup folder and backup all the necessary files which will be changed.
  7. If the backup and checking process goes ok it will update and add all the new files from version 15 automatically and inform you about any potential problems during the update and what to do next.
  8. Please make sure you read the entire page, at the end of the update page will be summary information about any potential files that were not updated (in which case you will need to transfer them via FTP as usual) and what to do next.

You will need a download token for the update. Please note that I will initially send this token to just a few people to make sure the update works fine. I can guarantee you will get the token within 24 hours – unless there is some serious bug, in which case I would post about this in the blog and temporarily stop issuing the tokens. There is likely to be dozens of people asking for the token, so please be patient. You will get one as soon as possible.



32 thoughts on “Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

  1. Jachym,
    why are you doing this to me?
    I wanted to do the update over the weekend but I’m already done with it. It took something like 5 seconds to run and everything was nicely green.

    Now I have to go to the beach for the next two days……It is 38 C outside. You are killing me..

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Jachym

    All updated to 15.0 without any problems.
    Loving the speedy update and new features.
    Latest contribution has just been sent to thank you for your continued dedication & first class support.
    Cheers… John

  3. Thanks for the update and streamlined process!! It went smooth and was nearly instantaneous. This is donate-worthy! Now if only the blocks and plugins updated the same way ;-).

    • Hi John,
      the block/plugin updates already work that way since you only replace all the files and dont need to do anything else – in fact it is even easier since you can skip versions.

  4. Up on V15:

    • 3 files not updated (because of wrong permissions – my error)
    • Some modifications necessary to redo (for some special modifications I did before – done within a minute or shorter)
    • Summary: Jachym, all that could have been done on your side to give us a really EASY update process is done PERFECT! Chapeaux.

    VERY COOL new features. Hopefully you will earn donations not only from my side.


  5. Amazing – I did not even have time to scroll down the updateTemplate page before everything was done – without any fault!
    Thank you for your great work, Jachym

  6. Hi Jachym,

    Thanks again for a new step to a perfect template!
    The new update method makes it very simple to update.
    Someone who now still can’t update in one go should get his school money back! 🙂

    Recently I did a donation to show you my gratitude.
    Thanks again for the good work!

    Cheers, Luc

  7. Once I figured out the update process it worked perfect. I am going to make a Donation to show my appreciation.

  8. I did not realize I needed to download the update. From the description of the new process I thought it somehow occurred through the original template.

    So apparently I need a key. So the key will come out shortly?


    • No Sperry, you really need to read the wiki and how the update process works. I email you the key just like you got one when you initially installed the template. I have no control over anyone´s website and the template/webpage will never change on its own so in this case I send you a token, you download the update package from the Downloads page at and then follow the instructions in this post.

  9. The only update page I am familiar with is where I setup the Cumulus realtime.txt. I saved it again and saved the main settings again but no difference.

    • Sperry did you run the updateTemplate.php script from the update package? Did it say it updated successfully? If so, then just open the Main settings page and hit Save (and you can specify some of the new parameters like footer station status etc.)

  10. Hi Jachym,
    My site updated to v15 without any issues. I love the new update process… so simple and painless, it’s beautiful.
    Thanks for your continued efforts updating the templates.

  11. Jachym,

    I logged in to my page tried some different pages but saw no difference. I still am showing version 14.2. Is there any other action I should take? If permissions are the problem what should they be on the server?

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