New Plugin – Climate Maps

New Plugin – Climate Maps

Hi guys,

sometime around Christmas I thought about a plugin that would allow creating very sophisticated and complex climate maps. I started working on it, but never succeeded because there was just too many problems I couldn´t get over. Those of you who filled in the questionnaire probably remember the question asking what is your favorite plugin. Well 2 weeks ago, one of you asked me what is my favorite plugin and I thought about it and suddenly I remembered this unfinished plugin… I tried using the knowledge I gained since then in terms of programming and after some time I solved basically all the problems and so I now want to present to you my favorite plugin…. the Climate Maps plugin.

This plugin allows very complex data filtering and if you take the time you can experiment with it and find interesting relationships.

However, because it is so complex, please read carefully how this works. Once you understand it, you will be able to generate many very interesting and useful maps. The instructions are available directly on the page by simply clicking the “Info” icon.

Main features

  • filter locations by many weather parameters (temperature min, max, avg, humidity, precipitation, day length, sunshine duration, etc.)
  • filter by other parameters – continent, country, elevation, size, climate type etc
  • specify how you want the map to look like – point colors, point sizes, labels on/off
  • view detailed statistics of filtered out locations
  • export map as JPG file

To give you an idea of what you can for example do, here are a few examples of filters you can apply:

  • create a map with only European capitals + United States and Canada, where only capital cities are displayed on the map, the color of the point corresponding to average minimum January temperature on a scale from blue to red, and size of the points corresponding to annual total precipitation.
  • create a map of all locations on the Northern hemisphere with summer maximum temperatures above 30 degrees C, precipitation between 350 and 500 mm, annual monthly humidity range of maximum 30% and elevation between 500 and 1000 m. Color the points based on the ration between annual average temperature and total precipitation and size based on annual monthly humidity range. Only include Koppen climate types A and B.

The possibilities are endless….

Have fun and enjoy

Note: this is again one of the most complicated scripts I have done so far, if you find a problem please bear with me and let me know and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.


The example below is a map of all world capitals, colored by average annual temperature, size of point based on annual total precipitation and with hidden labels.


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