New plugin – Global Snow

A new plugin is now available, which shows current snow/ice cover in the world.

The plugin about snow does not use your station data, but rather shows data from observations and satellites around the world.

Currently four pages are available for various regions:
world – this one shows several maps of current global snow and ice cover
U.S. – this page shows several maps for the United States and also regional maps, with the possibility to switch and set default
Canada – several maps of Canada, both national and regional
Europe – maps of snow cover and precipitation for Europe

Installation is very easy – again, just download, unzip and upload + add link to menu. There is just one optional thing, which is setting the default region for U.S. If you want some particular region to be shown as default (otherwise it will show national and let the user to choose themselves), then open us.php and at the very top find the line which tells you what are the possible regions that can be chosen.


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