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Jul 6, 2017 – Q/A

Jul 6, 2017 – Q/A

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. I am using Weather Display and I have two Meteotemplate sites. Weather Display only allows sending data to one, is there any way to do this?
    Actually there is. The trick is to use the Meteohub plugin. For your first site, simply use the bulit-in Meteotemplate feature. Then, install the Meteohub plugin on your second page and set WD to send clientraw.txt to your second page. The trick is that Meteohub users use clientraw, so you can simply use that clientraw and set a CRON job. The clientraw generated by Meteohub is the same format so it will work.
  2. Is there any way to save my menu configuration so that I can use it later?
    Not directly, but indirectly yes. The menu configuration is saved in two text files:

    Simply copy those two files somewhere and then if you change your menu and want to use this one in the future again, simply replace the files in admin/menu.
  3. How do I set the interactive sticker to use the animated images and min/max swapping like you have on the WX and WD forum?
    I am not using the Interactive sticker 🙂


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