New plugin – Eclipses

A new plugin is now available called “Eclipses”.


  • view information about solar and lunar eclipses using interactive sortable and filterable tables
  • calculate solar and lunar eclipse dates and view detailed info
  • information about solar and lunar eclipses in general, including some interesting facts
  • detailed statistics

– no need to set up anything, just follow the standard procedure for installing updates described in the wiki


4 thoughts on “New plugin – Eclipses

  1. Hi Jachym
    This is indeed a very informative plugin.

    2 questions, is it possible set “Current” to the next eclipse which is 2015-09-13. When I start the plugin “Current” is 2113-12-29
    In the “How to use table”, you list an example, “=Sidney”. Which column does this applies to?



    • Hi Gert,
      thanks for pointing that out, there was a bug. I fixed it and you can download the updated version of eclipses in the download section, which works fine.
      With regards to that Sydney thing – it is just for illustration purposes to show how the filter works, in this particular case, there are no words, but it is basically just a tutorial for the filter in general which I copy on each site that uses this. For eclipses, you dont enter city name anywhere, it is just to show that this is how you would search for words.

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