Meteotemplate network is back

Meteotemplate network is back

Hi guys,

I have some great news for you. About a year ago I had to stop the Meteotemplate network because it was overloading my server too much. I have now decided to give it another try, this time, knowing a lot more than I did year ago in terms of programming, I have been working hard on this for quite some time and was able to implement some smart caching and even though there is now 3 times more of you, it seems to actually work fine.

I have been testing it over the last 3 days and I think the server handles it fine. Users on the map only include those of you who have at least one data set in the last 2 hours and those of you whose server was able to respond within 5 seconds.

The map also shows the color-coded points and you can switch between various parameters, available in both metric and imperial units. In addition I also added not just latest conditions, but also daily aggregates.

I hope that it will work ok, if not I would have to probably stop it again. Only time will tell…


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    • Thanks Georg,
      yes the table loads fast because the data is loaded by different scripts in the backend ­čÖé The update time for each station is approximately 30 minutes in the network.

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