New plugin – U.S. state records

A brand new plug in is now available.

The script loads NOAA data regarding current absolute extremes for all the US states. This includes the highest ever recorded temperature, lowest ever recorded temperature, highest ever recorded precipitation in 24h, highest snowfall in 24h and highest snow depth.

The data from NOAA is checked once per day and cached.

Each record also includes the station where the particular value was measured and clicking on the station name opens a map, which shows location and some more information about this particular COOP station.


3 thoughts on “New plugin – U.S. state records

  1. Hi Jachym,
    I have not found anything that covers all provinces and days together, but various daily extremes by Province/city such as

    The Environment Canada link on this site does not work anymore and I have yet to find a replacement link. I have this on my site with permission from the author so there must be some accessible data available somewhere.

    • 🙂 I am glad you like it and I would love to add Canada as well, but I wasn´t able to find a page, which would actually give a list of the current records for the various provinces. Ideally it would be as RSS (as the US is), but I guess even if it was pure HTML it would be somehow possible. But I was not able to find any nice table of all the records for different parameters sorted by provinces. If you know something let me know and I will make a plug-in for it!

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