New Blocks – Image gallery, US Air Quality and new feature in Current block

A set of new blocks can now be found in the Blocks section at


This block is like an image gallery. On your server there will be a directory inside this block directory, which will contain the images. A randomly chosen image is then loaded and shown in the block, the user can click the refresh button and a new random image is chosen. The images can be clicked and they zoom in to full screen.

There is also a script included for you as a webmaster, where you can directly delete/upload images using your admin password.

Instructions on how to use this block as a webmaster are included in the settings.php file.

US Air Quality

This block is for users from the United States. You can select your desired region and the block will show you the current Air Quality Index. Depending on data availability, the pollutants included are PM2.5, PM10 and tropospheric ozone. There is also a description of what the actual value means and a general description of the pollutants and air quality index as such.

Current Conditions

The current conditions block is now updated to version 2.0. First of all there are changes in the CSS which means the actual block is much better displayed and responsive.

There is however also a brand new feature for users of Weather Display or Cumulus. If you use one of these programs and you also have a weather station with a UV sensor, this can now be included and will be shown on your webpage.

Because there is the new UV sensor feature, it is in this case necessary to also replace the original settings.php, but there is not much to be set up and there is the new settings parameter for enabling/disabling the UV sensor.


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