New block + block/plugin updates

Hi guys,

one new block and several updates:

New Block – Dynamic Image

This block does exactly the same thing as the webcam block, it shows an image from specified URL. However, there is an option to specify updating interval and the image will update at this interval automatically without you having to refresh the whole page. This is ideal if for example you have an image from a webcam, that needs to be reloaded. The script automatically adds current timestamp to prevent browser caching the image.

Block update – Current Conditions

The current conditions block has been updated to version 3.3. The new version includes a fix for slower servers to prevent “flashing” of the spinner and also the unit labels are now properly formatted (eg. hpa is now hPa, kmh is now km/h etc.). If you are doing an update then just replace all the files and you do not need to use the settings option, there are no new parameters.

Plugin update – Evapotranspiration

The evapotranspiration plugin has been updated. There was a problem which caused this plugin was not working at all in version 6. This new version is now fully compatible with all template versions. Since there is no set up for this plugin, simply replace all the files.

Plugin update – Data Quality Control

I updated the yesterday released plugin for data quality control. There was a typo which caused the apparent temperature spikes not being calculated correctly. If you are doing an update, then you just need to replace the gapLoader.php, the other file where you did all the setup (index.php) is not changed.

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4 thoughts on “New block + block/plugin updates

  1. I tried copying and renaming the existing block into the index desktop. Php but doesn’t seem to work. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like the ability to select different intervals for each image. Thanks for considering the capability!

  2. Jachym,
    I’m loving the new Dynamic Image block but was wondering whether it has the capability to show more than one image like the previous WebCam Block did.

    • No it cannot, or rather I should say “not currently”. If you want I can add that feature. Would you then prefer having one global update interval or a separate interval for each image?

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